One-Nighter House-Shoes

One-Nighter House-Shoes

Worsted weight yarn
Small amout of sport weight yarn
“N” hook or BLACK moez hook.
“H” hook

Note: Sizes are Womens 6(8). OR just follow the notes that accompany the pattern for changes in size.

With WW yarn and “N”/Black hook, Make your sl knot about 10” from end of yarn(used for sewing up a seam later),.CH 25(26). (if this is a narrow foot, ch 24 for both sizes. This forms the width)

Work 17(18) rows of afghan stitch. (or for smaller size, work 14-16 rows, This forms the length)

Ch 1, *insert hook into next 2 verticle bars. YO, pull through the 3 loops on hook. REP * across. At end of row, turn

Insert hook into each st across, pulling up a loop in each. When your at the end of the row, YO and pull through ALL loops on hook. PULL TIGHT, ch 1, Cut yarn, leaving LONG tail for sewing.


Using long tail from beg chain, sew up the back seam.

Leaving 8 rows on each side free for ankle, Sew up middle seam.


With sport weight and “H” hook, working in ends of rows, Dc around ankle(I put 28 dc around-some rows will need 2 dc to accomodate). Join

Ch 3, (FPDC, BPDC) Around. JOIN, fasten off.


With WW, and “H” hook, Ch 12, Hdc in 3rd from hook, and in each ch across. Ch 2, turn.(10 hdc).

Work 6 rows of Hdc. Fasten off, leave tail (12″) for sewing.

Attatch sport weight to “middle-top” of bow, sc around bow, putting 3 sc in corners, and 1 sc in row ends. Some rows may need to so it won’t bunch up. Join to first sc, ch 10, sc in 2nd from hook and in each ch across. sl st into beg sc. Fasten off, leaving (10″) tail for sewing.


Wrap the “tail” from the sport weight around the bow to tighten. Attatch down. Using the tail of sport weight, attatch middle of bow to top of slipper. Using tail of WW yarn, sew bow securely down to top of slipper.

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