Striped Skirt

A few months ago I purchased a skirt from H&M.  It was very inexpensive & I absolutely love the way it fits & the bold stripes. 
I would have bought it in every color–but it only came in two.

You can see where I am going with this…
I decided to make my own. 🙂
The original skirt has navy & tan stripes.

For this one, I decided to go with deep purple & white.
By the way–I’ve already made a yellow & white striped one.
It’s an obsession, I tell you. 🙂

**In order to get the correct measurements for yourself,
you will need to use your own personal skirt as your guide.

 You will only need 1/2 yard of each color to make this skirt–must be a stretchy fabric.
I also used a 3-inch elastic band.

I measured the width of the stripe on my H&M skirt, to give me an idea of how much fabric to cut.  Those stripes were two inches wide.  In order to get that size once sewn, I knew I had to cut 3 inch wide strips–1/2 inch seam allowance on top & bottom.

I also measured my waist, then added an extra inch & cut the elastic band.

You will need to fold you fabric in half, so it is doubled up.
Then cut 3 inch strips.  Don’t worry about the length of them yet.

Now that all of my strips were cut, it was time to figure out how long I needed them to be.  I used the original skirt as my guide.

 I gave an inch seam allowance on each strip, to account for stitching them together.
It’s very convenient to have the skirt below your fabric as a guide while cutting.

Now it’s time to create the stripes.
You know the drill–right sides together & stitch a straight line.
Line your pressure foot up with the edge of your fabric to get the correct spacing (as shown above).
When you are finished creating your stripes, it should look similar to the picture below when turned inside out.

 Get your iron warmed up & press your seams open

 With your elastic band–place right sides together & use a zigzag stitch.

Once that is sewn together, turn right side out & pin to the top of your skirt.

I stitched two lines, to make it more secure–and I liked the way it looked.

To hem the bottom, I turned it under 1/2 inch & stitched.
Iron out all your seams for a crisp look.

And now you have a pretty little striped skirt!
Total cost: $5.  Can’t beat that price. 🙂

Happy sewing!

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