DIY Glitter Letters Christmas Garland

I have no idea where it was taken but it really reminds me of my old stomping grounds back in Boston.  I love how simple and sweet it is and I love the banner.


Then I saw this tutorial for a glitter garland and my mind was made up.  I must have a glittery Christmas message for our photo session!

{The Sweetest Occasion}

After picking a font, I printed up my message on cardstock.  You can download my template here. (Yes the template has an extra R in “Merry”…consider it a gift, lol!}

Then it’s really just a matter of cutting out your letters…

Spraying them with spray adhesive and sprinkling on some glitter.

I used Martha Stewart craft glitter in turquoise for this project.  It’s a great price, a little goes a long way and it’s the sparkliest (is that a word?) glitter I’ve found.

Putting the garland together was really easy BUT don’t do what I did and assemble your letters backwards.  I made the mistake of laying them face down and then taping across the back (the tape just holds then in place while you’re gluing).

Once I hot glued my string on and flipped it over, I had this…

…which would have worked great if we were being photographed in a mirror. Unfortunately that was not the case and I had to start over again.

The way to avoid this is to lay your tape sticky side up and place your letters down on top.  Then when you flip them over to glue, you’ll be sure they’re all in the right spot.

Here’s my finished banner!  We used it for a few of our photos but I’m not sure if any of those will make the final cut.  I’ll post the pic we decide on though!

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DIY Glitter Letters Christmas Garland



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