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Saturday has been a none work day for me. I take this day off from school work and pick up the house chores and be a fun mom. It has been most 6 months since my last baking post. Often time, when we bake we have more cookies or sweets than we needed.  When we were in Iowa, sharing to friends and neighbors were easy. On the other hand, it is a little bit challenge to find ourselves fit in the new community we are in right now. There are times that we depressed about it, but when we found out one of my colleague grads also bake. We started swap cookies time to time. This week is our turn and we made some yummy cookies. One recipe and two happy faces..and two happy families.

S’ job is cracked the eggs. She doesn’t really like it. But, she knows if she tried it now when she grows up she can make some yummy cookies of her own. She is happy that she can help as always.

She wanted all M&M in the cookie dough, but I preferred some nuts and just simple cookies.

Our cookies are lovely! I love the bitter chocolate and she loves the sweet milk chocolate. It is great that we can be happy at the same time. Half of each cookies will be send over to our friends house today. I hope they like them!

Picture each cookie is about the size of your hand. Big oops! I intended to have bit bite size instead.


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