yesterday we did well in the quilt shop. i think i am addicted! we had so much fun for making hexagons. first, i though it’s going to be hard, but not at all. i WISH i have more time to sit and hand piece them together.

pieced down the many hexagons before assembling.

layout of each flower i got some plain colors to work with prints. not sure if i am still doing the 30’s. what do you think?

the second ring is easy to put together i might as well make lots of two rings hexagons before going on the third ring.

the third ring was challenge, i stayed up late last night for it. it looks great!!

so far so good.. would you like to join me? now, i do get the idea about quilt along! it is motivate myself a lot and it is fun to see how other people are doing giving opinions, share thoughts…

last night, miss s asked me if i would make her one and i did. took the papers off and did something fun with this it.

my hexagon paper piece is 3/4. ( really small) cut my squares into 2×2″ and i trimmed the corner off before basting. i only did corners to corners.. which save time. in the beginning, i did used a needle to held fabric and paper together. but later on, i only use my fingers to work around with it.

this is what i made

I hand-stitched the hexagons to miss s’s jeans. this is going to be her first day of school outfit.

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