How to increase the bust? 15 Food and exercises

Body development is due to many factors, they can be genetic or hormonal, due to excess male hormone that caused your breasts not to grow large. There are all kinds of women and how great it is that way, because of how monotonous it would be if we were all the same.

How to increase the bust? 

Meanwhile, there are women who want to enlarge breasts, luckily we bring you the best foods to increase the bust in a natural way, yes, seriously, natural without a scalpel! Well, these foods stimulate the mammary gland and thus be able to grow.


This fruit has excellent cosmetic properties, since it has been shown that using it on the hair leaves you with exceptional shine and repair, it also has vitamins and minerals capable of achieving breast stimulation, the good thing about this type of food is that it does not require a Too demanding preparation, you can consume it as a dip, in salads, among others.


They contain natural plant sterols that work as a healthy type of cholesterol , activating your breast mass, you can accompany them with yogurt in case you do not like consuming them alone, or you can add them to your cereal, no matter how you do it, just dare to try these foods to increase the bust.


Wheat, barley, brown rice are some of the cereals that are recommended to consume, they contain natural estrogens that stimulate your hormones and these, in turn stimulate breast growth, since estrogen is the female hormone, obviously it will help you a lot more in a more direct stimulus.

Sunflower seeds

They contain phytoestrogens, a chemical compound that otherwise stimulates the growth of the breasts, since its effect tends to be similar to that of estrogens, to a lesser extent as it is not the hormone as such, this type of food to increase the bust does not have more science when ingesting it as it works perfectly as a snack bag.


Vegetables also contain phytoestrogens in their composition, also remember that vegetables help you have a better metabolism due to their easy absorption, therefore they help you lose weight, take care of your body, and are the ones we recommend the most if you want to consume foods to increase breasts.

In the same way we give you some Tips so that you can help much more the growth of your breasts:

Wear a correct size bra

It is a very common mistake for women to believe that they wear an appropriate size when it is not, this affects your breasts to a great extent, it does not give the support they need, they tend to turn without firmness and also it does not help you wear a nice bust at all.

do exercise

Exercise is not only to lose weight, there is a part of them specialized in firming the body, so to increase the size of your bust in addition to eating healthy, you must be firm with exercise, at least 3 times a week.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is a key factor in our body for our development and functioning, since the body contains 60% of total body water, on the other hand, the cells of our body need to stay hydrated to work in the best way, if you are going to stimulate them to the growth of your breast area, it is best to stay as hydrated as possible.

Yoga poses to increase breasts

When we talk about yoga it refers to a traditional physical and mental discipline that originated in India. The word is associated with meditation practices in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. According to its practitioners, yoga results in:

  • The union of the individual soul with the body.
  • The perception that the self is spiritual and not material, among those who have a spiritualistic stance.
  • Physical and mental well-being, among those who have a rationalist stance
  • Yoga is a very popular discipline today. Initially it was practiced in order to find inner peace, however other benefits have been discovered.
  • According to research published by the National Institute of Health in the United States, performing yoga increases muscle tissue.

Here we mention which are the yoga postures that will help you increase the bust:


This posture helps develop breast tissue and shapes the breasts, the first thing is to get down on your knees on the floor and arch your back back to bring your hands up to your heels.


Also known as the cobra pose, it strengthens the chest muscles. The body is raised with the arms making a bow but leaving the pubis on the floor, the head and the neck it is important that they do the bow at the same time as the back.


This posture consists of bringing the hands up to the chest and putting the palms together. By doing it hard and creating pressure in the chest area, all muscles are strengthened


Also known as a cow face pose. Helps to build chest muscles. To achieve this posture it is necessary to first sit in the lotus flower.


This posture resembles the crescent, the spine arches back and the rear leg is stretched. It helps to pull the muscles and tissues of the bust.

Chakrasana or URDHVA Dhanuarsana

It is the arch pose, helps to strengthen the bust and abdominal area, it is important that the feet remain on the floor


The pose of the bow face up, the feet and hands are taken. Helps strengthen the chest and back


It is the tree pose. It is very important to maintain balance and firm muscles to tone the chest

Setu banda savangasana

The yoga posture known as the bridge consists of lifting the legs, hips and back. By raising the back the bust tissues are strengthened.



The posture strengthens the entire upper trunk, so it will help you increase the bust indirectly.

Now that we know some positions to increase the bust, put them into practice. Try it! Do not forget the foods to increase the bust since they involve around 80% of the total earnings. And finally, remember to follow the tip of staying hydrated is essential for a good development and functioning of the body.


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