What if I put aloe vera gel on my face overnight?

Rubbing aloe vera gel ahs many benefits for your skin. Just apply a thick layer of this and leave it overnight on your face. You will not believe but in just a few days you can notice a big difference in your skin

Aloe vera acts as a natural moisturizer. Just add few drops of vitamin E oil in this gel and it will act as one of the best moisturizers

Aloe vera gel is an effective treatment to remove dark spots, acne scars and blemishes from your skin. Mix aloe vera gel with few drops of lemon juice and apply it on your dark spots, acne scars. In just a few days all of them will disappear from your skin

Aloe vera gel can remove all aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines from your face. Mix aloe vera gel with few drops of almond oil and apply it on your face. Massage it well and then leave it overnight.

Aloe vera gel to shrink large skin pores. Aloe vera gel acts as a natural skin tightener. Apply a thick layer of this all over your face and leave for 30 minutes at least. You do this daily twice in a day.

  • Aloe vera removes excess oil from the skin which causes pimples and acne.
  • It has anti – bacterial, antiseptic and anti – inflammatory properties that protect the skin from the bacterial buildup.
  • It has glyco-proteins, a substance that is used to heal and reduce the inflammation, redness and discomfort caused by pimples.
  • It contains hormones called gibberellins and polysaccharides that kill acne causing bacteria and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.
  • Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that reduce swelling, redness and the inflammation.

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