8 Ways To Have A Romantic And Green Fall

Let cooler temps and abundant opportunities for togetherness bring out your eco-romantic side.

I think fall is the most romantic season. Forget Valentine’s Day—boooorrrring. Any one can be romantic then. Give me crisp weather, snuggley clothes and sweet holidays any time. The fall makes me feel more connected and in touch… with my feelings, with nature, with my family and friends and especially with Mr. Lite Green. And isn’t that what romance is all about? Feeling alive and in the moment?

When the temperature drops and the days get shorter, why not take advantage of the season and bring out your romantic and green side. Below are some suggestions.

8 Ways To Bring Some Eco-Romance Into Your Fall

Enjoy a good vintage. In the mood for a festive and romantic drink? Try sipping a glass of organic champagne. Nothing will put you in a romantic mood faster than sharing a taste of champagne together. The demand for organic champagne is growing quickly, so there are several good choices available. Try NV Pascal Doquet Premier Cru Rosé with its hints of rose and strawberry. Or NV Albert Mann Crémant d’Alsace which has apple, citrus and floral notes.

Take a walk. Take advantage of the cooler temps to walk hand-in-hand with your sweetie through the tree-lined streets of your neighborhood or park. Walk to the store to pick up those last minute items for Thanksgiving. Stroll to the mailbox to drop off your holiday greeting cards or simply window shop together. In the middle of the hectic holiday season, walking together gives you time to reconnect and share your day. Now that’s romantic.

Light a fire. Turn off the furnace and heat up the old fashioned way… with a fire! What could be more romantic than a cozy blanket stretched out in front of a roaring fire. Take advantage of the romantic glow and snuggle up. If you’re hungry, add some old fashioned popcorn. Using your fireplace will save on energy consumption and when the fire has burned out, you can spread the ash in your garden to help feed your plants over the winter.

Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle. Why not spend an evening gazing into each other’s eyes by candlelight? Have dinner, play a game or just talk to each other. No matter what activity you choose, everyone looks good by candlelight. Candlelight promotes conversation and intimacy. Bee Hive Candles has some beautiful 100% beeswax choices. Or, for a super-sexy choice, try the Scandle Body Candle. It melts into massage oil as it burns.

Dine Alfresco. Who says you can’t enjoy a fall picnic. Put on your warmest sweater and carry your meal to the park or the lake. Take in the crisp air and the beauty of fallen leaves while you cuddle your significant other. Picnics are all about anticipation, so enjoy it! You really don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing for a romantic picnic. Grab a loaf of crusty bread and bottle of organic wine. (Find 5 good selections at The Daily Green.) Throw in a few other traditional aphrodisiacs like almonds and figs, if you like. Maybe add a good organic goat cheese with italian herbs from Coon Ridge Farms. And don’t forget something sweet. Perhaps some eco-friendly chocolates from Fat Turkey Chocolate in Austin, Texas. Gobble, gobble!

Sleep under the stars. Grab your sleeping bag and head for the great outdoors. Time to enjoy an unobstructed view of the heavens, and get romantic. I mean, what could be sexier than two people huddled together in one sleeping bag?

Take A Bath…Together. What better way to conserve water and warm up on a cold evening. You’ll be doing your part to help save the environment, and having some fun, too. Spice things up with a bath sachet. Take a small square of linen or cheese cloth. Add a cinnamon stick, a few whole cloves and some orange peels. Tie with a piece of cotton twine and toss in your warm bath water. Let steep while you bathe. Or add a few drop of Nutmeg Essential Oil from Essential Aura Aromatherapy.

Volunteer Together.
 Doing good feels so good, doesn’t it? What could be sexier than doing it together? (Oops, almost made it through the whole article without a pun.) But seriously, all that hard work. All that helping and relying on each other to see a project though. All that feeling good about doing good. Get it? So do some good, together. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Delivery gift baskets from your church or work at a pet adoption. But do it together. It’s the romantic thing to do. Now get busy!


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