Top 5 Greenest Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

This year, if you want to try some turkey cooking options that will be a little greener, here are a few suggestions.  I can’t really tell you which is the greenest. That depends a little bit on your viewpoint. But I can give you some good options.

5 Top Greenest Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey.

1. Brown Bag It. This is basically the same idea as cooking a turkey in a plastic bag, but more eco-friendly, since paper is biodegradable.  It will accommodate a much larger bird than many traditional roasting pans, so it’s a good choice if you have a large crowd to feed. Check out How To Cook A Turkey In A Paper Bag from Party Recipes.

2. MIcrowave it. Cooking your turkey in the microwave is fast and saves energy. Consider cooking a turkey breast is you’re having a small feast. Turkey In The Microwave.

3. Bake it, southern style. This is my favorite turkey recipe. For a juicy, simple and eco-friendly option, try this method. Roast your bird for one hour at 500 degrees. Then turn the oven off, leave the door closed and just go to bed. You’ll wake up to a perfect bird.  Get the Easy Southern Turkey recipe from The website says to roast your turkey in an oven bag, but I just put my bird in a large, roasting pan with a tight fitting lid. Moist and delicious every time. (Since 1999, that is!)

4. Grill It. While you won’t get the smoky taste of a wood-grilled bird, a gas grill is a good choice for cooking your Thanksgiving turkey. It’s clean burning and energy efficient. Fresh herbs and spices will make it a unique and tasty treat. Gas Grilled Turkey recipe at 

5. Fry it. Yes, I said fry it — the eco-friendly way with the The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer. If you like the taste of fried turkey, but don’t want the mess and waste of all that left over oil (not to mention the fire hazard of dropping a large, cold bird into a vat of boiling hot oil) then The Big Easy might just be for you. It uses Infrared cooking technology, and can cook a turkey up to 16 lbs. with ease. With The Big Easy, you can also use rubs and seasonings that might wash away with traditional turkey fryers.

No matter what method you decide to use, have a safe, happy and green Turkey Day this year.

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Top 5 Greenest Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey



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