Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

ONE | Pair this cute little booklet with breakfast in bed. So cute!

TWO | Two words: chocolate overload! With three steps, and only three ingredients, this cake-y truffle couldnt be any easier…or more decadent.

THREE | Wanna know whats better than one cupcake? A cupcake bouquet of course! Awesome

FOUR | Age those egg whites and whip out your mixer! These red velvet macarons are sure to be a hit. If you make these, will you be my valentine?

FIVE | Love coupons: a gift that just keeps on giving!

SIX | Remind your partner how much you love them with each cup of morning joe! This one requires neat penmanship, but its the perfect gift for that special someone!

SEVEN | Dodging the crowds and spending the night in this Valentines Day? This movie basket will keep you and your date cuddly and close all night long.

EIGHT | Send the hottie in your life this cute little card. It wont disappoint!

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas



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