How to dress for your body shape: Hourglass


Most people think of the Hourglass shape as the archetype for a woman’s body, but the truth is that if you are an Hourglass, you’re one of only about 8% of women in the world to have this natural shape! The Hourglass shape is characterized by bust and hip measurements being roughly equal, with a significantly smaller waist measuring 8-10” less. Many women believe they’re an Hourglass, but are in fact a Rectangle because the waistline measures closer to the bust and hip measurements.

If you’re a true Hourglass, you can get away with wearing just about any silhouette, no matter the size of your body. Remember, shape is more important than size! Fitted styles and belted dresses are especially great if you want to draw attention to your curves. Hourglasses generally should avoid empire waist or swing styles, because they obscure your small waistline, especially if you have a large chest.

Want to know to dress for your Hourglass shape?

Circumference of bust and hips are close to the same measurement and has a small waist.

The hourglass body type is balanced and it’s what most women wish they had. Wearing fitted dresses and styles that can be belted showcase this awesome shape. An hourglass body type can wear just about any silhouette just keep in mind your height and length of your dress to maximize your look. If you are short you may want to go above the knee to knee length and if you are taller you can wear any length (just consider your leg length for above knee-length dresses).

Silhouettes: A-line, Empire Waist, Sheath & Wrap
Neckline Shapes: Boat, Scoop & V- Neck


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