Half Up – Half Down Wedding Hairstyles 2015-2016

Long Curly Hairstyle With A Tiara

wedding half up half down hairstyle for long hair
A half up half down hairstyle for long thick hair should be simple but impressive. This is exactly the case. The lush, touchable curls, fancy tiara, the play of symmetry and asymmetry – we are impressed and enchanted!

Fabulous Cascade Of Loose Curls

The showiest way to present the long curls is to gather them on the crown and let them gracefully cascade down. This is a gorgeous hairstyle from any angle of view: the lift at the roots makes any face more attractive, thanks to the sleek sides your profile is becoming more refined, and the flows of curls at the back literally mesmerize!
long curly wedding hairstyle

Simple And Cute Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair

If you do not want any pomposity in
your bridal look, you will perfectly do without any bouffant, intricate braiding or new, exquisite curl patterns. The maximally natural hairstyle in this picture will please Boho brides. The easily pinned front locks and effortless loose curls are irresistibly charming, and the V-shaped hair piece is, unquestionably, the most suitable accessory for this cute look.
simple wedding half up half down hairstyle

Barocco-Inspired Curls

Extra voluminous updo hairstyles with intricate details and fancy decorative elements are typical for Barocco style that is a nice source of inspiration for chic wedding hairstyles. These fluffy curls leave an impression of a gorgeous spontaneous ‘do. It looks unbelievably fragile and like it’s falling apart. This is where its overwhelming charm and feminine appeal originate from.
curly bridal updo for long hair

Medium Half Up Half Down Hairstyle With Fancy Knots

A typical solution for half up hairstyles is to pin the front locks at the back with a cute hairpiece as an adornment. And shaping a few knots from hair as a substitute for a hair clasp is a more creative idea. You can still use a jeweled
headband and eye-catching earrings.
wedding hairstyle for medium hair

Tender Shapely Curls For A Romantic Wedding Look

Shapely polished curls look great in both medium and long lengths. If you want to make an accent on the flawless shape of your curls, their polished finish and fantastic shine, make a simple half up half down hairstyle. It will look good with minimalistic accessories that do not distract attention from the beauty of your locks.
medium curly hairstyle for brides

Dimensional Waves In Half Up Wedding Hairstyles

If you are a fan of the popular today bronding hair color solutions, your wedding hair will look amazing in dimensional waves. The
fabulous texture of the rigid waves is the “wow” factor of this gorgeous hairstyle. But the dyeing procedure should be certainly planned beforehand.
wavy wedding half up half down hairstyle

Half Up Bridal Hairstyle With A Big Bouffant

A bouffant in hairstyles looks very showy, that’s why most wedding ‘dos feature a smaller or bigger bouffant. There are special hair padding accessories, which help to achieve big bouffants. These are flattering for any face shape except for long faces.
bridal half up half down hairstyle with a bouffant

Twists And Curls In Bridal Half Up Styles

According to the current trends in wedding fashion, the tenderness and naturalness of the look are the key factors to pursue for modern brides. This lovely long hairstyle meets all the contemporary fashion requirements. The curls look soft and natural. They literally breathe with ease and spring freshness!
long curly half up half down hairstyle

Cool Half Up Boho Chic Hairstyle

Not all Boho chic hairstyles are plain, easy and unpretentious. This one looks intricate because it features three tiers which, however, blend well into a harmonious whole. The first tier is the horizontal fishtail braid, adorned with tiny rosebuds. The second tier is the most complicated object for understanding. Well, it’s composed of rolled and tucked locks. And the last tier is the light natural waves. Well, obviously you need thick hair to style this amazing ‘do.
boho half up half down hairstyle for brides

Curly Hairstyle With A Flower Headband

Headbands with field flowers are very popular in Boho wedding hairstyles. The combination of the spiral curls, flower headband and lace ribbons is the loveliest sight! A nice idea is to wrap a few locks around the headband, as if a sort of added fixation. Looks fantastic!
curly half up half down hairstyle for medium hair

Easy Curly Wedding Hairstyle With Twists

This hairstyle is a good choice for brides with fine hair. Ombre highlights add dimension to your locks. If you curl them in light waves, they are going to appear thicker and more voluminous. The delicate side twists are easy to shape and fix with simple bobby pins.
half up half down hairstyle for fine hair

Diagonal Waterfall Braid In Half Up Bridal Hairstyle

Braided hairstyles are associated with girly charm and innocence. That’s why braids have always been very welcome in wedding hairstyles. The diagonal waterfall braid and bouncy curls are a cute win-win combination. You may add a few big hair flowers on one side or adorn the braid with a sprinkling of tiny buds.
wedding hairstyle with waterfall braid

Gorgeous Princess-Like Bridal Hairstyle With Braids And Curls

This hairstyle seems fancy, but it’s rather easy to complete for a professional. It takes two tight thin
braids to define the crown section and long gorgeous curls flowing from beneath. Get a jeweled hairpiece to enhance the magnificent feel of the crown braids and think of an interesting hair color.
beautiful half up half down hairstyle for brides

Natural-Looking Braided Hairstyle For Brides

This hairstyle reminds a low pony in its silhouette, but it looks more sophisticated thanks to the headband braid and intersecting locks at the nape. Besides, we can’t help admiring its gorgeous messy feel of lively locks, free of any styling products.
natural half up half down bridal hairstyle

Messy Half Up Bridal Hairstyle

This picture features a nice example of a “bedhead” wedding hairstyle. The look of uncombed locks with sloppy twists and braids is admirable. It’s stylish and present-day. If you are bold enough not to go in the tread path of traditions and classic wedding style, this is a good direction to consider.
messy wedding hairstyle

Glamorous Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

Glamorous wedding hairstyles are about glitter, chic and perfection. The half up style with a bouffant and polished curls can be worn with a fluffy bridal veil. The jeweled headband won’t be superfluous as an added shiny piece to enhance the chic glam flair of the look.
long curly hairstyle with veil

Tender Bridal Hairstyle With A Veil

If you want to wear a fluffy bridal veil on your wedding day, half up half down hairstyle is the most appropriate base for it, especially if your hair is long. You can show off beautiful curls and wear your voluminous wedding veil with ease and comfort.
wedding hairstyle with bridal veil

Half Up Bridal Hairstyle For Medium Straight Hair

While all the brides are obsessed with curls, you can stand out from the crowd with poker straight wedding hair. The principle of the hairstyle is the same – face-framing locks pinned at the back. Wear a light
short bridal veil or tiara with this cute hairstyle.
straight half up half down hairstyle with veil

Highlights In Wedding Hair

Highlights that harmonize with the tone of your skin and make your eyes brighter are 90% of success of your bridal look. Even if you choose a very simple dress and easy hairstyle, with the right hues around your face, you will look fresh and extremely attractive. Think of an interesting hair color in advance to look your best on the most important day in your life.
wedding hairstyle with highlights

Braided Hairstyle with Subtle Waves

Half up half down wedding hairstyles like this one are perfect for a Boho bride. A sweet braid wrapped like a headband offers a feminine touch along with lovely waves flowing freely over the shoulders. It would complement a lace gown perfectly.
long half up bridal hairstyle

Bumped Hairdo for Medium Hair

This cute style is half French twist, half cascades – it’s lovely on medium hair. A more formal look is achieved with the addition of a bump, which is perfect for a bride who wants something simple that makes a statement. This fun hairdo is completed with soft curls, adding dimension to the hair.
half up wedding hairstyle for medium hair

Sides-Parted Wedding Hairstyle

This bride is as darling as can be with a deep part and hair swept to the side. Those who want a style with a veil can definitely pull off this stunning, face-framing downdo with ease. Soft curls also add movement and texture to this wedding look.
long side-parted wedding hairstyle

Double Braided Look for Straightened Hair

Having your locks straightened and braided is a great idea for those who like to see their wedding hairstyles down. Adding a few waves give the look some beautiful texture for long hair down the back. What a pretty bride you are going to be!
two braids half updo

Curled Hairdo with Tendrils

If you want to go curly, then this look is for you! Not only is hair very loosely braided, but the “down” part of this hairdo is off center for a more relaxed trendy look. Waves and curls abound and will give you a lot of volume on your big day.
loose messy side updo

Curls Clipped to the Side

This style is simple, free-flowing and so stunning… hair is pulled off of the face to let your lovely features take center stage. Curls are combined with a braid, and a barrette is tucked to the side, giving an extra oomph to this bridal look.
messy side hairstyle

Semi-Bouffant Style with Long Bangs

Talk about high impact! Some half up half down wedding hairstyles just say “perfection”, and this one does exactly that. Whether for bridesmaids or the bride herself, this bumped up half updo is topped off with length at the sides that complements those striking features beautifully!
polished half updo with a bouffant

Highlighted Braided Crown

Got ombre tones or highlights? Show them off with a braided, curly half updo like this one here. Hair is completely off of the face, yet flows perfectly in a sea of curls topped off by a lovely braid. This style is both interesting and stunning, especially when paired with a fun color solution.
half up braided hairstyle

Lovely Timeless Style

Twists and waves make this classic style a go for the brides-to-be who want to wear their long hair down. Reminiscent of a Grecian goddess, elements such as pins and rhinestones can be incorporated to add even more interest to this already gorgeous style.
bridal half updo with tiara

French Braided Halfdo

What an intricately gorgeous hairstyle for weddings! The braids start at the crown, end at the back of the head and fall into a delicate cascade of curls and waves. This style is stunning both coming and going and ranks among the most detailed half up wedding hairstyles on our list. Beautiful!
wedding curly half up hairstyle

Simple Halfdo for Short Hair

What a lovely yet effortless look! Short locks are pulled back with a pouf at the top of the head to add height. The style is secured with a few bobby pins and really shows off the variation of hues in her hair.
half updo with a bouffant for shorter hair

Sophisticated Pulled Back Cascade

Having been ranked as one of the more formal hairstyles, this look is mesmerizing. It features an almost full updo with one section of hair simulating a low ponytail upgraded with a sophisticated color solution – reverse ombre. This style is perfect for a woman who chooses the look of an updo from the front, yet wants to have the security of hair down the back.
wedding half up hairstyle with ombre

Romantic Style for Natural Hair

As far as styles go, this one shows that a lady has panache and style to boot. The twists are swept to the side to create an innocent-looking off-center style that complements a variety of face shapes. This is the perfect look for those ladies who wish to incorporate extensions and wear a long-lasting style.
half updo with twists

Darling Style with Circular Twists

Classic half up half down wedding hairstyles like this one offer a sophisticated, feminine flair. Hair is pulled back and allowed to flow. Selected strands are then twisted into circular rosettes. You could even add a tiara to this style to enhance the interest both in the front and back.
rosette half updo for brides

Ponytail Style with Headband and Bow

Lacy braids and a bow of hair… all topped off the look of the low curly ponytail. This style has a lot going on, but each detail works flawlessly together. The half updo will suit a girl who wants a wedding Boho look or enjoys hairdos with variety and interest.
half up wavy messy hairstyle for long hair

Veiled Bump with Waves

If you choose a halfdo with a bump, the base of the bump is the perfect place to add a veil, and this bride did it just right. The addition of soft, long bangs and long waves keeps this style simple and sweet to show off your beautiful face. This also allows for easy veil removal, so that you can move and have fun at your reception.
wedding half updo with veil

Pulled Back Half Updo with Comb

This is one of those highly requested wedding hairstyles down for a straight haired woman who wants to be all curls on her wedding day. Hair is curled and pulled back halfway, which makes for the perfect location to add an interesting wedding comb or tiara. So pretty!
curly half up bridal hairstyle

Double Braid with Fresh Flowers

This just has to be one of the sweetest looks ever. Two braids – one thick, one thin – are placed across the crown of the head, while the front pieces are tucked back (lovely!) and secured in the back with a small spray of flowers. The back of the hair is allowed to flow freely down the back. How sweet and delicate – this one is a sure fire favorite!
double braid half updo

Bumped Twist Half Updo

First of all, this is a showstopper. Second, who wouldn’t want this lovely hair? Flecks of balayage are accented with curls for long hair down the back. The locks are poufed and side twisted to add a plethora of visual interest that will captivate your guests. This style just says FABULOUS!
half up long wedding hairstyle

Sectioned Twist Style

Here is one of those wedding hairstyles down that stands out with its creativity. Side pieces are pulled back while they are twisted and woven together to create such a stunningly gorgeous braided detail. Interesting color solutions like ombre and balayage also show up really well in exquisite hairdos like this one.
half up wedding hairstyle with twists

Half up half down bridal ‘dos are beautiful and comfortable to wear. They are easy to pair with a bridal veil, flowers and jeweled hair pieces of any design. There are half up hairstyles to fit any wedding theme and suit any hair length except for very short hair.


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