DIY Step-by-Step: Recycled Organizer Box

The Organizing Boxes are a real ally when it comes to organizing the house and decorating. For those who have shelves, niches and shelves at home, there is nothing better than these organizing boxes to hide the mess.

The problem is that a beautiful organizer box can be expensive, and the cheap versions are good for cabinets but end up being ugly on shelves and shelves. So, if you have an open environment and want to use organizing boxes to keep the mess and at the same time make them visible as part of the decoration, a cheaper (and ecological) option is to make recycled organizer boxes , like the one I will show you in the article.

Looking on the internet, I found this beautiful project by Elizabeth Joan Designs :

In this DIY, the artist reused common cardboard boxes, which you can get for free at the supermarket, and transformed it into a decorated organizing box.

See some variations of this DIY, in some of them you can’t even notice that the box is made of cardboard:

So, how about reusing something that would go to waste and transform it into a beautiful recycled organizer box ? Let’s go step-by-step:

DIY Step-by-Step: Recycled Organizer Box

Now let’s go to the complete step-by-step guide to make your organizer box recycled. Here, just use your imagination and patience! The credits of the images are in the respective photos.


You will need:

  • 1 Cardboard box, the size you prefer. It can be a shoe box, a supermarket box, or even fair cases. Everything will depend on the size and format you want and have available.
  • Jute yarn, rope, or cotton yarn (Tip: these yarns sell in haberdashery and gardening / decorating stores. For colored yarns, you can use knit yarn, Baroque 6 yarn or Euroroma string, commonly used in crochet to make rugs ).
  • (optional) Fabric, contact paper, adhesive fabric or paint to decorate the interior if desired.
  • hot glue
  • Scissors

Step by step:

Cut the edges of the box so that it looks like this:

Now, use the jute, rope or whatever you prefer to “wrap” the box, being very careful to fix it correctly with the hot glue, especially in the corners. Make several drops of glue so that the thread does not come loose, but be careful not to use too much glue and get ugly:

This step needs a lot of care and patience. The thicker the yarn used, the easier and faster the process. Do this until you reach the top of the box:

Now, just wrap the inside if you wish. You can glue a piece of fabric, or use contact paper. In the image below, the artist chose to use a piece of plain white fabric with stitching at the ends to line the inside of the box:

If you don’t know how to sew, just cut rectangles out of fabric and use plain glue, cloth glue or silicone glue to attach to the bottom of the box. Even if the interior is ugly, there is no problem, because the most important part is the exterior. This coating is used to keep objects stored inside the organizing box from being in direct contact with the cardboard.

If you find this step difficult, you can cover the inside with contact paper or adhesive fabric before decorating the outside. Another interesting idea is to use a pillowcase for this, as it is already rectangular. You can also paint the interior with acrylic or spray paint.


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