Gray T-Shirt Dress

Maybe I’ve gone sewing crazy?  But today I made another dress.  I like sewing.  I think my inspiration is coming from my Grandmother, who I recently found out sewed an outfit everyday after school to be able to have something new to wear the next day 🙂

Again, I didn’t have a pattern, so I just modeled it after one of my favorite shirts.  I cut around the bodice and then I cut sleeves the same size radius as the shirt.

Then I sewed the shoulders and sides along the red dotted lines.

I sewed in the sleeves.

I cut 2 large pieces of fabric for the skirt and sewed them together.

I accidently cut the fabric a little too short, so I decided to add a strip of material along the waist line.  It actually turned out really cute and I was glad I made the mistake!

I sewed the strip of fabric to the top and the skirt.  And to finish it off, I tucked in the material around the sleeves and neck and stitched it closed.

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Gray T-Shirt Dress



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