SOCKIES (baby version)

SOCKIES (baby version)

Sport weight yarn (Jamie was used here)
“J” crochet hook

Size(s): Preemie(Newborn,12 months)-Changes for each size in parenthesis.

NOTE: beg ch does NOT count as a st!

Row 1. Ch 2, crochet 6(7,8) sc in second ch from hook. Join with sl st to first sc. Do not turn. 6(7,8) sc.

Row 2. Ch 1, 2 sc in each sc. Join with sl st to first sc. 12(14,16).

Row 3-5(6,7). Ch 2,hdc in first st(beg ch does NOT count as a st)and in each st around. Join to first st. 12(14,16)

Row 6(7,8). Ch 2, hdc in first 10(12,14) sts. Ch 2, TURN.

Next 2 rows. Hdc across, ch 2, turn.

Ch 1. Join with sl st to beg st of THIS row. Ch 1, turn,

Row 1. (working from outside) Place 13(15,17) sts around leg opening(ends of hdc rows). Join with sl st to first sc. Ch 2

Row 2 & 3. Hdc around. Join. 13(15,17)

Row 4 & 6: CH 2(counts as first BPDC on these rnds only!). (FPDC, BPDC) alternatively around. Join to top of ch 2. Fasten off.

Cut a 6″ piece of yarn. Weave through sts at heel of foot, draw up tightly and tie in a double knot. Weave ends in.

Cuffs folded down(Above)-Cuffs up(below)
The one on the left, below, is the version that matches
the lacy, picot layette(COMING SOON). The cuff can be matched
to the stitch pattern of your layette.


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