DIY Vertical Chicken Roaster (Muffin Tin + Baking Sheet)

Growing up In Germany and Panama, as an American citizen, was a truly unique experience. We traveled Across Europe and Central America for years.  We were lucky enough to be introduced to countless cultures, cuisine and people.  Upon moving back to the United States as a teenager,  I became wildly aware of the cultural differences between my Country and the countries that I had grown up in.

One friend in High School was constantly amused by the odd things that my family owned. And, one night, she made a big deal out of a double vertical chicken roaster that my family acquired In Germany in the 1980’s. I thought everyone had one but apparently, I was wrong.  After trying to find one for her mother, we were disappointed to discover how hard they were to get and how expensive they were. So,  we gave up.

But, 5 years later,  at the University of South Florida,  I attempted to find one for myself.  Due to the expense,  I improvised.

The 2 options:

A Bundt Pan
This pan only cooks one Chicken, and doesn’t allow for stuffing the chickens with lemons or veggies (for moisture). The hole in middle also requires use of a baking sheet to catch any drips.

A Muffin pan,  turned upside down on a Baking Sheet!!
This method allows for 2 chickens to be cooked simultaneously.  The upside down cups are wide enough to hold up the chickens AND allow room for lemons, garlic and veggies in the cavity.  The other cups actually hold the chicken legs in place nicely.

If you’re roasting a turkey, try a Jumbo Muffin tin, although a regular size Muffin tin works for most sized chickens.


*2 chickens
*Desired Seasonings (Fresh Thyme, Fresh Rosemary,  Fresh Lemon,  Garlic,  Salt and Pepper is my favorite mix)
*Melted Butter/Olive Oil (mix the seasonings and squeeze lemon into the melted butter or oil to make a sauce or paste)
*Veggies  (I always use the lemon that I squeeze into my butter to stuff the chicken,  along with onion,  carrot and green pepper slices)
*1 Muffin Pan
*1 lipped Baking Sheet
*water to fill baking sheet so pans don’t burn

*Place Muffin Pan upside down on the Baking Sheet
*Grease the upside down  Muffin Pan
*Season emptied,  rinsed and dried, chickens with the butter/Olive oil paste (don’t forget to get it under the skin too!)
*Slide the chickens onto the cups of the upside down Muffin Pan,  that are located in the edge’s center.
*Arrange chicken, making sure the hole on the chicken is firmly pushed around the cup on the Muffin Pan.
*Arrange legs as shown in the picture below.
*Apply more of the butter/olive oil paste (pouring some through neck cavity of upright chickens) and more seasonings.
*Push lemons, onions, carrots etc… through the neck cavity.
*Pour enough water to cover the bottom of the baking sheet, so it doesnt scortch.
*Cook for 30 minutes a pound at 350 degrees
*Cover tops of chickens with tin foil if they begin to darken too much.
*Baste chickens with the juices from the pan while cooking!!



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