Needlepoint Stitches and Stitch Variations

Needlepoint Stitches

Did you know there are thousands of needlepoint stitches and stitch variations? Every time an existing stitch is modified – perhaps the length has changed, or it has been worked in two or more colors for variety – it is considered something new, and in my case, diagram worthy. These new stitches are being developed every day.

Below you will find an alphabetized list of basic needlepoint stitches. Click on each parent stitch to be taken to the page that features that particular stitch. On that page you will also find the variations of the stitch.

Keep in mind that some stitches may appear in more than one location, which is often the case of composite stitches, or stitches that are made by combining two or more stitches.

Also note that this page will always be a work in progress. If the link does not yet exist to the stitch you need, it will be there shortly (or you can send me a message using the form below).

I’m sure you’ll find just the right stitch for your next project on these pages. And remember that this site is optimized for mobile useThat means that as long as you can access this site from your smart phone, you have access to the stitches. There’s no need to download or pay for an app!

NOTE: Each day I will add more diagrams and the blank links will be made functional. There’s only one of me and I’m creating the diagrams as fast as I can…  

Needlepoint Basics:
Needlepoint Stitches – Alphabetical by Name

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